2015 State Projects

Our mission is to strengthen individuals, families and communities through continuing education, leadership development and community action. During this year let us trive to do this through support for our children and youth and our communities. The following are ideas of areas where our help is needed:

  Community Action:
  red bullet Day of the Family — Recognize the importance of family activities.
  red bullet Ronald McDonald House — Collect can tabs
  red bullet Underwear, bras and socks for school children
  red bullet Wrapped in Love — Provide items (blankets, nursing home bibs, hats, pillows, lap robes, etc.) for people with special needs.
  red bullet Care for parks and cemeteries
  red bullet Prepare health packs for veteran's hospitals and county health departments
  red bullet Volunteer for community festivals and fairs as a way to promote FCE
  red bullet Attend local and county governmental meetings
  red bullet Prepare and help others prepare for emergencies
  red bullet Make caps and/or hand puppets for children's Christmas boxes (support your local group)

Let us be aware of individual needs within our communities. There are many families with children where neglect and/or abuse are a daily occurrence. Find out what you as an individual can do. Be willing to take actions.

Throughout the year be sure to read your local newspaper and stay abreast of community events. An informed person is able to act responsibly when needed.

  red bullet Cultural Arts Categories for 2014 (PDF)
  red bullet Labels for Education — Save labels to support schools.
  red bullet Character Counts — Sponsor "The Six Pillars of Character" program that encourages 4th-graders to strive for excellence and creativity through reading, writing and drawing skills.
  red bullet Family and Community Leadership (FCL) — Conduct leadership training for FCE and other interested community members.
  red bullet TAFCE College Scholarships — Provide scholarships to FCE members.
  red bullet Support Head Start and other classroom activities
  red bullet Volunteer for 4-H
  red bullet Donate school supplies
  red bullet Attend city and county commission meetings
  red bullet Volunteer to teach cultural arts skills to others
  red bullet Mentor single mothers and young homemakers
  red bullet Teach leadership skills within your FCE club and to other organizations in your circle.
  red bullet

Creative Writing — Encourage TAFCE members to write poetry, short stories, news articles, children's stories or other creative writing.
  -- 2011 Creative Writing Collection (pdf)

  red bullet Imagination Library — Provide books for children from birth to 5 years of age.
  red bullet Read Across America — Read Dr. Seuss books to school children.
  red bullet Listen to children read and read to children
  red bullet Read
  red bullet Share your magazines with senior facilities
The key to being effective is to be aware of what is going on around you.



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